It’s Global warming folks!

Daily Mail - Thousands of homeowners were today without power after high voltage cables were brought down by the night's snowfall. ......Even London was hit by a light dusting last night - the first time the capital has seen snow in October since 1934. ......While the capital woke to its first October blanketing since 1934, the rest of the South had its first pre-Halloween snowfalls since the 1970s. The unseasonal flurries, caused by a blast of air from the Arctic, were welcomed by millions of children in the middle of their half-term holidays.
Heavens above, I thought the arctic was melting, all the polar bears had drowned and Al Gore had set sail in his tofu-powered, million-dollar yacht as the rising seas engulfed his recycled mansion somewhere in the middle of what used to be America. What’s all this about snow like 1934, I thought we’re were all dropping dead from the searing heat, not freezing our asses off as the beloved planet burns away!
......While the wintry dusting soon vanished in Wednesday's sunshine and showers, more snow was forecast for Wales last night. Bookmakers were forced to slash the odds of a white Christmas from 8/1 to 6/1 in London after a flurry of bets, despite assurances from the Met Office that the winter will be a mild one. ......Met Office spokesman Barry Gromett said: 'The last time snow was on the ground in the South East in October was 1974, while London hasn't had October snow on the ground for 74 years.'
Aren't we Australians glad our glorious leader Dudd08 had declared war, glorious war on climate change. Why I even heard his second-in-command [sorry Julia], General Wong this morning declaring that she would press ahead with the death-to-carbon emissions-trading scheme even though the Ruddster screwed up [as expected] his attempt to keep the global financial crisis at bay. Don't worry about job security, rising costs and all that, we must press on folks, we must beat back that evil fiend carbon. We must pay extra to live our lives, sacrifices must be made, suck it up.

Why, you dare to ask, well presumably since we're all going to burn to a crisp, I'm assuming it's to keep things cold, a sort of constant winter or something. I'm not entirely sure as the relevant leaders aren't all that big on actual milestones, no more thunderstorms, going to get colder, more fish in the sea etc, nothing like that. Why, don't you trust them?

I just hear a lot of waffle about setting examples and that we're all going to burn if we don't pay, so I'm sure it's real. They wouldn't lie to us would they, surely not Kevvie from Brissie with his Wheatties and his freshly baked ideas, say it ain't so.

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