Why all the hysteria?

LiveNews - A teacher at Randwick Boys High is on stress leave after a student allegedly held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun was a replica but the year seven student involved was suspended and cautioned by police. Now the Education Department is being accused of another cover up, with revelations parents and even some staff weren't even told of the incident. It comes after a student at a school near Newcastle brought a pistol and live ammunition in class and again, parents were left in the dark for almost four weeks.
But, but, but, I thought we were all safe and sound. We banned guns a long time ago, so us law abiding are largely defenseless, but safe you know. We don't have have any crime any more right? It's all good, so why are all the people getting hysterical when such things happen. Don't they trust the laws that we've passed. Isn't every square meter of Australia safe and sound, 24/7 because we don't allow people to carry any weapons on them to defend themselves, so why is everyone getting hysterical, why did these kids bring real and fake guns to school, didn't they get the memo?

Unless........ no! It can't be, off course not, we're much safer, nothing to worry about, the state is taking care of us, we wouldn't have demanded for laws that are useless and leave us defenseless, pipe down and move along folks..... right?

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