Funded by the Government?

SMH - Families would be given 20 weeks' paid leave to help them spend more time with their new-born babies, under a scheme to assist working parents commissioned by the Federal Government. ...... The scheme is aimed at working women, particularly those in low income jobs who do not have access to any paid maternity leave. ...... Those who chose to participate in the scheme would lose the baby bonus and family tax payments and have the new parental leave payments taxed. It would give new parents up to $11,854 by paying them the equivalent of the minimum wage for 20 weeks. Their superannuation would continue to be paid by their employers. Other than the super contributions the cost of the scheme would be funded by the Government. It is expected to cost about $450 million a year.
Let's get one thing straight, it's not going to be funded by the government, it's not going to be the Ruddster writing cheques while he is carbon-farting his way around the globe telling 'working families' that they need to cut back on their wretched carbon usage either. Like all government schemes, it'll be those of us who work and make money who will have our money taken from us so it can be handed over to those who did not.

So what are employers going to do about all this, because this means they'll have to hire someone else to do the job of the mother who is off for the next 6 months, they'll have to pay the pension contributions of two people. I have a feeling many small employers are going to start coming up with creative ways not to hire women who look like they might be trying to start a family.

Something governments don't get is that the harder it is for employers to fire employees and the more expensive it is to have employees, the fewer employees they actually have.

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