Asians must not be confused??

I guess I might be a bit confused if someone started yelling at me:
"The battle for control of a Queensland student union has turned nasty after claims its president posted an offensive comment about Asians on the internet. Joshua Young, the University of Queensland student union president, allegedly made the comments on his MySpace social networking page.

According to a copy of the page, Mr Young's blurb about himself described going to drunken parties and "yelling at confused Asian students"....

National Union of Students president Angus McFarland also described the comment as unacceptable. "The National Union of Students is completely against racism on university campuses and particularly if it were by student leaders," he said.


I suppose the accusation is that he is calling Asian students characteristically confused. But the students concerned are mainly recent arrivals from China, Hong Kong etc. and anybody suddenly transplanted to a very different culture has every right to be confused. I would be pretty confused if I was suddenly put down in China!

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