Did you read the fine print?

How quickly the tune changes, back during the election campaign, everything was Howards fault, from your broken dishwasher to the price of figs in Brazil. He was old and out of touch, but the young and buff Mr. Rudd knew your pain, he knew your stress, 'he knew it' they crowed. Perhaps he did, the mistake you made was thinking that he would do something about it.

LiveNews - The Rudd Government admits there's virtually nothing it can do to stop motorists being slugged almost ten cents a litre extra for petrol, because of a sharp rise in the cost of oil. Labor is introducing a Petrol Commissioner to monitor petrol prices, but Assistant Treasurer Chris Bowen says there's not much it can do in this circumstance. "They won't be able to do the impossible - and no one ever suggested that they would," he said.

The current opposition told us, it was all BS, I myself told people, he's just going to monitor the price, that's it folks, heck, you can monitor the prices, any fool can do that. But look on the bright side folks, you're paying someone to tell you how bad it really is, when previously you weren't, so now you'll know fully well how you're getting screwed, no wait, that's not really a bright side is it.

"They won't be able to stop world oil prices from going up and they won't be able to stop that flowing through to Australia. "But what they will be able to do is ensure that Australian motorists aren't paying one cent more than they need to by ensuring the Australian market is working competitively."

Mmmm, yes, feels much better after hearing that, sure, much better, now that we know we're getting 'competitively' ripped off, yay!!

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