Death to the Bali bombers

Brisbane Times - The social justice head of the Australian church, Bishop Christopher Saunders, said yesterday: "Life is sacred. No matter whose life it is, humans don't have a right to take it, apart from self-defence, whether it's the Bali bombers or Australian drug runners. Two wrongs don't make a right." It was important for Australia's integrity as a nation to be seen as life preservers and life conservationists, he said.
He is assuming that killing those who killed more than 200 people is wrong, I certainly don't think so, sorry Bishop, your argument doesn't wash with me. In fact the way I look at it, the second "wrong" will only ensure those Bali bombers will never again commit the first wrong. Oh and I think Australia's integrity as life preservers and life conservationists was shot to hell when we decided to spare the scum of the earth, those who did the worst but allow thousands, who have done absolutely nothing wrong, to be killed every year.
Father Norden said yesterday the position a nation took on capital punishment was a litmus test for a sense of its own humanity. It's not to do with guilt or innocence, but society's recognition of the value of human life... blah blah.
It's got everything to do with their guilt, we ain't calling for the innocent to be put to death. No wonder so many are leaving the new-age, touchy-feely, left-leaning churches now, some folks might have a problem associating with those whining for the life of these evil-doers. As far as I'm concerned, you can forgive and all that, but as long as they're alive, especially in a place like Indonesia, until you see their corpses, you can never be sure they won't get out to resume their Jihad. Besides they should know better, the Lord has told them through his word.

Numbers 35:33-34, Deuteronomy 19:13, Deuteronomy 19:20, Leviticus 24:17-22, Romans 13:4

You know how leftist criminal coddlers love to use the Old testament to say that Christianity is just the same if not worse than Islam, funny how they'll steer clear of the Old Testament when it comes to their most treasured pets and doing the right thing. In my opinion these do-gooders should go away and work on saving the unborn, I don't know, maybe I'm just weird or something, but I place their lives way above those of these vermin. Until then keep your litmus tests and lazy sayings and let those with the 'stomach', get on with what needs be done.

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