Breeders 1, Gays 0

Daily Mail - A female bouncer at a gay nightclub was yesterday awarded £6,000 damages in a landmark case after claiming she was bullied by her boss for being heterosexual. Sharon Legg, a married motherof-four, fought her case under legislation brought in to protect gay, lesbian and bisexual workers from discrimination. She started work at Dream in Bournemouth in May 2005 and was promoted to head of security a year later by her boss Scott Rhodes. However, he repeatedly mocked her as a "breeder" - a derogatory term in the gay community - she told an employment tribunal. Door staff also refused to obey her instructions and constantly made life difficult for her, said Mrs Legg. Matters came to a head in June last year - a month after her promotion - when she was sacked without warning after a dispute with a doorman.

It's particularly nice to see discrimination laws that, let's face it, were supposed to give more power to homosexuals to shaft "breeders", can be used to stick it right back at them, when they prove themselves as no better. On a side note, in my opinion, these homosexuals must be pretty weak, if this small woman can bounce their asses on out the joint when they step out of line. Just saying.

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