10-Year-Old Gang Rape Case Update

Remember that Aboriginal girl who was gang-raped when she was 7 in far north Queensland in 2002, then placed into foster care, until some morally bankrupt child safety [yes, child safety] officers came along and got the idea that she should be put back into that community. Well, they did and then she was gang-raped again in 2006, hold on, it gets worse, the prosecutor in the case decided not to ask for jail for the 9 males who did this to her and you guessed it, the Judge didn't impose any jail term on them either because she "probably agreed" to have sex with them!! Well, at last there is a sign the wretched wheels of justice are slooooooooowly shuffling along.
Daily Telegraph - A PROSECUTOR stood down for not recommending jail terms for nine males convicted of raping a 10-year-old girl in far north Queensland has resigned. Acting Attorney-General and Minister for Justice John Mickel said Steve Carter tendered his resignation today.
Let's hope he is joining the welfare queue, a bit too good for him I know, but then most of us don't have the stomach to execute traitors and instead give them safe houses, free protection and free money, so it's the best we can hope for. Next on the list should be the judge and those child safety officers and some compensation for this poor girl, it's high time leftists started to pay for the "abandoned" generation they helped create.

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