Feminist geographer Dr Julie Cupples, of Canterbury University, said feminist geography had been around since the late 1970s.

It incorporated women’s experience in a male-dominated area.

“It’s really good if you can start to understand how gender shapes people’s lives and our world in different ways,” Dr Cupples said.
Feminist geographer? for crying out loud.....it doesn't matter that NZ kids are slipping down the OECD scales of literacy and numeracy, never bloody mind that thicko scumbags are beating toddlers to death and crime is almost (?) out of control--we have fucking FEMINIST GEOGRAPHERS people.
Your tax dollars at work. Which is perhaps just as well, because these parasitic feminazis certainly aren't.
Take these cows out and hang them, as an example to the rest of the lamebrained effing women who think that a wombcentric view of the bloody universe entitles 'em to steal money from hardworking people. *spit*

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