the Left--variations on a loathsome theme

There are distinct, identifiable types of leftist, equally contemptible and equally unprincipled. The age of the leftist with some principles and moral courage is long past.
How do I loathe thee? let me count the ways:
The Bureaucrat.
Usually an ineffectual human being, who is attracted to the security and lack of risk inherent in the job. A comfortable existence and the irresistible urge to make rules for others to follow characterises this particular kind of parasite. Lives very comfortably off the taxes ripped from the classes he regards as inferior to his own. Were known in the Soviet Union as "apparatchiks".
The Unionist Worker.
usually the laziest bastard in the office or on the shop floor. Is a great fan of unions because they give him a herd to belong to and will protect his lazy ass, all in the name of "worker's rights." Usually the first to volunteer for various committees because it beats working and gives the poor half-man a way to make rules for the workers to obey.
Teachers and academics.
Long for some imagined Golden Age of the proletariat and see it as their mission to brainwash other people's children into worship of the same. The mountains of dead, the bleached skulls and the bullet in the back of the neck in some Lubyanka cellar are mere historical inconveniences, to be airbrushed from their vision of the glorious totalitarian future.
The Middle-Class Idiot.
Happily votes Labour, because he has a couple of kids and Labour pay him extra money (stolen from his fellow workers, but that's a mere detail) in the guise of programs such as "Working For Families". Which means those workers without families are forced to subsidise those who choose to have them.
Gets very hot under the collar when you describe him as a welfare beneficiary and will continue to vote Labour because a dollar is far more important than a principle.
The True Believer.
Sees a golden future where all wars (except those necessary to advance the Cause) have been outlawed, where little grey men in little grey offices set the targets and make the rules, where there's no such thing as racial, cultural or ethnic differences and the jihadi shall lie down with the Cultural Safety Advisor.
Children shall be raised in perfect safety and perfect conformity and the profit motive shall vanish from the land. Nay, from the world!
And if the gulags and the ovens and the massacres in some dark forest are necessary again to usher in the bright Utopian dream, what of it? Freedom and liberty will at last be dead and life will be pure and simple and require nothing but unthinking obedience.

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