Bumbling from one crisis to another

That is the leftist government of NSW, Australia. If it isn't people dying or having miscarriages in Hospital waiting rooms, now supposedly classed as 'reception' areas, the it's little children dying and abused because the department this government presides over is more interested in giving abused children back to their worthless parents instead of adopting them out. The minister for health, who incidentally used to head up the Department of Community Services (DOCS) must be breathing easy now, the spotlight has been moved from her department.
LiveNews - A 14-month-old boy is fighting for life after being rushed to hospital with head injuries just weeks after being returned to his parents from DoCS. An ambulance was called to the little boy's Blacktown home early yesterday morning, there they found the 14-month-old in cardiac arrest with head injuries. He is being treated in Westmead Hospital where he remains on life support.

It's believed the child had been in the care of his grandmother, and previously DoCS, before being given back to his 19-year- old mother just weeks ago. The mother's partner, aged in his 30s has just been released from prison after being convicted of homicide. DoCS has confirmed it was aware of the child, his mother's partner has just been released from prison after serving time for homicide.
Just you wait and listen, the minister responsible will have no comment, can't say anything, no opinion, cat got his tongue again. An inquiry will be called and nothing will be done until you forget about it and it happens all over again. By the time it happens again, the minister will have changed and the new guy's excuse will be, it wasn't my responsibility at the time, blah, blah, inquiry, blah wretched blah. If you lot out there want a career in running inquiries, this is the place folks, there will be work for you, till the day you die. And to think the Australian voter is seriously considering shoving a similar mob into the Federal level.

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