You can always count on them

Scumbags. Yep, you can’t always count on everyone else, you cannot always predict the weather, you might be dead tomorrow or fall ill and you’ll never know. But you can always count on a scumbag raising his/her head to get every ones blood pressure soaring and reaching for a whip.
An American GI in Iraq who e-mailed a Wisconsin company to ask for a shipment of some floor mats got a brusque reply: "We would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq."

Bargain Suppliers, an online retailer based in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis, shut down its Web site Monday and fired the unidentified employee who sent the e-mail, WTMJ-TV reported.
Funny thing is, it is a Muslim owned business, and I don’t know if the employee who did this was a Muslim, chances are he/she was. If so why would you just declare Iraq off-limits, it might be obvious to most of us but it’s not Chinese people living in Iraq, they are actual Muslims, you know, Arabs. What a bloody idiot, refusing to deal with their own kind, simply because they got a chance at the freedom you already enjoy for free.

I heard this one on the radio this morning and it really makes me angry, what a bunch of scumbags. We have bushfires raging away threatening people’s homes and lives, the fire fighters running towards the flames are doing it for free, they put their backsides on the line for us and this is how some of the bottom feeders repay them.
Two Rural Fire Service firefighters have had their cars broken into while fighting fires in Sydney's north.
I hope the police catch these vermin and take them out the back to teach them some good old country values. These scumbags aren’t worthy enough to wipe the sweat off a fire fighter’s brow.

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