Urgent! Send more SUV's!

This, from Reuter's:

"LOS ANGELES: Snow has fallen briefly in normally sunny Malibu, and west Los Angeles saw hail in the first sighting in 20 years of a white winter.
The mountains behind Malibu – a celebrity enclave that hugs the Pacific Ocean – got a dusting of snow that brought traffic chaos to a region where rainfall is usually headline local news.
Snow plows were sent out to clear a major road through the Malibu mountains and at least one car crashed, highway police said.

"I lived in Malibu in 1978 when snow fell," said California Highway Patrol officer Patrick Kimball.
Rain showers in unusually cold conditions turned to hail and sleet in parts of the beach city of Venice and in inland west Los Angeles, giving cars and rooftops a sprinkling of white."

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