Tories Extremist: Zahar

Mahmoud ZaharThis has to be one of the funniest stories I’ve ever read. Palestinian foreign minister Mahmoud Zahar, very upset that Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay refused to meet with him, said that Canada risks becoming an enemy of not only Palestinians but of the broader Islamist movement if we continue to ignore Hamas.

Canada if you recall led the world in stopping aid to the PA after Hamas cleaned up in the elections. Had he been able to meet with McKay, Zahar stated he would have asked him on what moral basis did Canada impose the boycott and sanctions. On what moral basis? Hmm let’s see. Hamas is dedicated to the eradication of an entire state and all of its people. Canada refuses to support an organization with such lofty goals. I don’t see the problem. But then again I don’t see the world through radical glasses. Zahar also referred to the Conservatives as extremists for the same reasons as outlined above. Yup. Mahmoud Zahar is a picture of honour and nobility because his government slaughters innocent people while Stephen Harper is an extremist because he refuses to play along. What rubbish.

Zahar also had the audacity to compare Hamas to the French Resistance during WW2. He further claimed,
"Canadians have to change their extremist government, or else they’re going to lose their credibility as a neutral state. You cannot create a new enemy without a price."
Last time I checked we already ARE an enemy of Islamofacism. Hell, OBL said so in one of his home movies. This bizarre thinking line of thinking makes them the true extremists - and extremely dangerous. I hope our government continues to refute Hamas and everything they stand for.

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