The BBC – Softening Up Those Wicked British Girls for Some Hijab Fun

The good old BBC – taking its role as Islamic stalking horse as seriously as usual.

Wearing the veil in the Arab world

Many women struggle with the issues around the veil and the hijab
The Muslim headscarf has become a controversial issue in Britain, with government ministers speaking out against women covering their faces. asked. . .Muslim women. . .for their experiences of wearing the veil or the hijab.
Let’s hear what they have to say:

I chose to wear the veil or the niqab [a full face covering] as an act of worship. As a Muslim I believe that women should not only wear the hijab [head covering] but the veil too.
Fluff over, now for the real reason:

I don't trust men, and women should protect themselves.
And another:

The hijab is being forced upon women at gunpoint. Women have no choice but to comply. This is what is happening in Iraq where the wearing of the hijab is a recent development.

I feel I have to wear it, but if I had the chance, I wouldn't because I have faith that God knows what is truly in my heart.
And another:

My decision to wear the hijab came about because of social pressure. I sensed that women who did not wear the Hijab were regarded as not respectable. Society seemed to look on them as if they had something wrong with them. Women who did not wear the hijab were subject to all sorts of harassment, usually verbal.
Clearly a very happy band of hijab-wearing vegemites (not). And the beeb’s response?

Find out about different styles of Muslim

And learn to start liking it. . .

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