London worse than Baghdad?

I can’t believe I found this on left-wing BBC of all places. We are constantly told that every square inch of Iraq is bombed and burned 24 hours a day, Baghdad especially, it’s bombed from dawn to dusk and street by street every minute. Well I don’t know about the rest of you conservatives but I personally wouldn’t be rushing to move to a place that’s being blown to bits every day, Iraq is so according to the MSM, unless off course they have been a bit loose with the truth in the past.
Four out of five youngsters believe people should be able to live in any country they choose, a BBC global survey of 15 to 17-year-olds suggests. The proportion of respondents that would emigrate to secure a better future was highest in Nairobi (81%) and Delhi (81%).

In Baghdad, 50% of the sample said they would not emigrate - the biggest negative response of all 10 cities.
Gee, I would have thought, since there is a civil war and all that, many would have left already, you think that is surprising, see the following, the survey was also conducted in London.

You know us Conservatives have always been banging on about Eurabia and how Europe is lost, for this we are frowned upon and occasionally laughed at, well then explain the above. London, another growing bastion of multiculturalism? Then how come more youth want to leave London than Baghdad.

I wonder what the results would have been if this survey was conducted in other Eurabian cities, Paris? No that's not a good idea, all those no-go zones and fire bombs; we want the surveyors to come back alive.