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In comments to this thread over at Tim Blair’s, regarding the very telling response from a staunch lefty when the chips appeared to be down. As is usual, they appear to have nailed this particular lefty (and most, I suspect) to the wall:
Ah yes, throw in a bunch of gratuitous insults before you get to the slight problem that when she fears a terrorist attack, she knows exactly what to look for. And then insults herself for admitting it.
What a nitwit. As near as I can puzzle out, Ms. Helen is conflating “fear” with “natural caution”, and saying that to be naturally wary of people of Middle Eastern appearance (in this new, jihadi-afflicted world no less) is akin to being afraid of the innocent for no viable reason.

In trying to explain away her own fear, she’s actually telling us that events like 9/11 and 7/7 and Bali shouldn’t matter because they didn’t happen in the immediate neighborhood. And they were televised besides, so naturally most of us sheeple can’t tell the difference between that and a “real” event.

Smug as well as being a nitwit.
Conservatives, “neocons”, and everyone else who takes seriously the threat of militant Islam, are usually described as frightened people, worked into their frothing state by their cynical, manipulative leaders like Bush, Rumsfeld, et. al., whose aim is to render us all into pants-wetting, lynch mobs with a succession of orange alerts. Articles like this reveal this whole fantasy to be yet another masterpiece of lefty projection, ascribing their own thrumming anxiety to their enemies in the hope of some vain relief.
Helen is rationalizing her own fears away from Islamic terrorists to....anything else, as near as I can tell. To sun worshipping Christians, mayhaps. Helen is pretty much a clueless person.
If there is a bigger group of clueless people, I don’t know who it would be. The left stands with the enemy, and as is usual in these cases, they are the very people who will be first in line to have their collective head chopped off at the nearest sports arena when their appeasement leads to a complete take-over.

I suppose it is because they actively evade and deny the evidence that they are so fearful. When you fail to integrate the information set before you, all you are left with is a terror that leaves you frozen when it is imperative that you act.
But here’s my favourite:
If I had a reaction anything like that to a flickering light on a train and a girl wearing a scarf, I would keep very very quiet about it. It would be a matter strictly between me and the therapist.

Nor am I at all surprised that all it took to turn Fisk from a “nice, friendly, liberal” to the leader of a mob wearing pointy hats and carrying burning torches was a diverted plane.

This phenomenon is well known. These people live in crippling irrational fear and moral cowardice. Just simmering beneath the surface is an ugly violent racism ready to erupt at any moment. The fear and the hate they project onto others. It is this that drives their politics and underpins everything they say and write.
It really must hurt to be ‘of the left’; to live in such a state of almost perpetual embarrassment (not to mention denial). But this final comment is worth noting and noting well:
Articles such as this and the current ‘Airport Imams’ controversy in the US are going to lead to a situation where law-enforcement’s best eyes and ears - the observant public - become crippled by political correctness, and a failure to report anything suspicious for fear of being branded a racist.

This is of course exactly what Islamist groups want.
The commenter is right, of course. Personally, I have no such fear – quite the opposite. I have reported suspicious activity. As seemingly obvious to me as it was at the time, it was still a hell of a surprise when, some twelve months later, the media reported foiled plans revolving around precisely what I thought I had seen, and had detailed in an email to the relevant hotline.

We cannot and must not let our guard down. Let the Helen Razors of this world tear their beards and wave the banners of self-loathing. I prefer to save my life and God knows how many others. PC can screw itself.

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