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THE jobs of Australians who worked in mining and industries dependent on fossil fuels would not be sacrificed for symbolic measures aimed at tackling climate change, John Howard said today. ”Let me simply say, however, that in pursuing that objective we will make certain that the natural advantages this country has been given by providence are not squandered. One of the great natural advantages this country has is that we are a major possessor, user and exporter of fossil fuels.

"It therefore follows that, if we are not careful in the implementation of our policies in relation to this issue, not only can we do great damage to our own economy but, in the process, we will not serve the interests of those who live in other countries."

Mr Howard said Australia would be part of a “new Kyoto" if all nations agreed. He said Australia would honour its international obligations and was prepared to be part of any system that included all countries.

“I am not going to take decisions that will put at risk the jobs and the investments associated with the natural advantages this country enjoys.

Careful there Labor, remember what happened in the last federal election, that lunatic Latham you wanted to foist upon us, climbed into bed with the Greens in Tasmania, while the 'bonehead' Howard chose the workers. Guess who is in Kirribilli while the other’s avoiding reporters and slandering you lot.

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