Please - Spare Us!

AN Adelaide academic said the offensive videos at the centre of the latest army scandal show soldiers see themselves as separate from the rest of the community.

The soldiers found responsible for the video, in which one holds a gun to the head of a man in Arab dress and another is shown quickdrawing his handgun, could be thrown out of the army.
Well, I’m offended. Are you offended? You must be. How could you not be? It was clearly offensive. Deeply offensive. No person in their right mind wouldn't be offended to the point of being driven completely insane. . .

Now, let’s all gather in a tight little ring, hands firmly planted on you know what, and get down to some serious circle offence:

Social researcher at Flinders University and former infantry soldier Dr Ben Wadham has told the ABC the images are like happy snaps or trophy shots.

Thanks for that, Einstein, now how about some offence! I want to really feel my offence. I want to be in touch with my inner offendedness. I want to be so offended my eyeballs peel. I want to be so offended I get to show some ‘outrage’, some ‘fury’, to be as one with offended everywhere.

After that, maybe we can go and loot something. . .

"Trophy shots are like an artefact of military culture - they show us that the military sees itself as separate from the broader community," he said.
I see his point. No one else would take ‘happy snaps’. Damn their eyes!

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