One day in September...

Five years after religious nutbags killed several thousand people with flying bombs, there is a veritable plethora of navel gazing and introspection by journalists and commentators regarding the War on Terror.

This is from Hugh White, a noted defence commentator and author of numerous articles and treatises on Australian military matters.

"I think that to the calmer view of future historians this conviction, which is apparently self-evident to so many people today, will seem surprising, even bewildering. Of course the destruction of the West is the declared aim of the terrorists themselves. But why would we believe they have the capacity to do it? Even nuclear terrorism, which would cause terrible suffering and disruption, would hardly threaten the underlying fabric of Western societies."

No, but it would leave a nasty stain on the carpet, and several hundred thousand infidels with a half-life of several days. What would Hugh have us do? Ignore the threat? Laugh at the thought of a nuclear Iran handing off weaponry to completely barking-mad death-cult Islamist wackjobs? As I'm clearly not a professional commentator with delusions of grandeur, I'll spell it out for the pretentious wanker.

Islam wants us dead. The means and method are arbitrary. Hugh White is a fucking deluded idiot.

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