Mark Steyn nails it:

"In Britain, they used to say that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, the sort of line it's easy to mock as a lot of Victorian hooey. But it contains an important truth. This present conflict will be won (if at all) in the kindergarten classes of America's grade schools, and Canada's, and Britain's and Europe's. Because the resolve necessary to win a war can't be put on and taken off like a suit of armour. It has to be bred in the bone, and sustained by the broader institutions of society. And the typical western education, even when it's not telling you that your country's principal legacy is racism and oppression, teaches history in a vacuum--random facts, a few approved figures, but no overarching heroic narrative. And, if the past isn't worth defending, why should the future be?"

(bold mine)

Exactly so. Every young person I speak to seems to be abysmally ignorant of the history of his or her country, totally unaware of the towering historical figures who shaped Western society.
The Greeks? "They have great food, don't they?" Spartans? "are they a rock group?"

The heroism of Rorke's Drift, of Guadalcanal or the seige of Leningrad----nothing. No awareness at all. The thousands dead at Normandy--nothing. Any time there's a tiny spark of recognition it's only because it's part of the narrative of white male colonialist oppression force-fed them by their rotten Marxist, incompetent and dishonest teachers.

Teachers? To describe the apparatchik indoctrinators as "teachers" is to demean the word. Most teachers now seem to be young women with as little idea of history as the poor young kids entrusted to their care. They're full of postmodern bullshit and self-esteem and desperately lacking in the equipment necessary to impart even minimal standards of literacy- let alone critical thinking-in their charges.
The products of these incompetent bimbos are what the West must rely on for its defence.

God help us.

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