I hope you all are sitting down for this.

Shock – Horror – who would have thought, best buy some stocks in companies selling plastic spines, I have a feeling there will be a noticeable pick up in sales.
Six weeks after the end of the Lebanon war, the militant Hezbollah group is facing little on-the-ground pressure to give up its weapons and disarm — despite a U.N. cease-fire resolution demanding just that.

The leaders of a U.N. peacekeeping force in south Lebanon say the job is not theirs. And Lebanon's ill-equipped army, some of whose soldiers wear tin-pot helmets and carry outdated M-16 rifles, shows no signs of diving into a confrontation with battle-hardened Hezbollah fighters.

For now, all sides say it's likely full disarmament will happen only in the future as part of a political solution — despite the U.N. resolution that ended the 34-day war on Aug. 14 and required disarmament.

The commanders of the U.N. force say that under the resolution, their job is merely to assist the Lebanese army in regaining control of southern Lebanon and to ensure the area cannot be used for launching rocket attacks into northern Israel.

Meanwhile, Lebanese security officials say the army's mission in the south is based on what they call an "understanding" with Hezbollah that the army will not search for and seize weapons, but only confiscate those shown in public.

Israel says the resolution makes clear that Hezbollah must be disarmed south of the Litani River. Mark Regev, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, said of the current situation, "It's a process."
Yeah sure, its a 'process' alright, the buck passing will continue for months, its not us, its them, we don't want to inflame tensions, we have to vote, meetings, clip boards, we can’t be mean, dialogue, its not really their fault.

Give it time, Hizbullah will rearm, the world’s tax payers will pay millions for this UN force to waffle around and even more reconstructing Lebanon and eventually go home. After that Hizbullah will do something stupid and it’ll start all over again, the leftists will bray for proportionate reactions, insist the war is unfair till equal numbers are dead on both sides and call on the spineless UN to intervene.
Regev said Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, at a rally last week, "publicly stated that he is out to flout the will of the international community and to prevent the implementation of what was an unanimous resolution of the Security Council."
And flout he will, the useless UN is too busy applauding the hysterics of a Venezuelan buffoon and/or making preparations for the arrival of the twelfth imam.

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