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I’m back home now, flew in on Sunday night, still tired, jet lagged and groggy in the mornings, wide awake in the middle of the night though. I’m so over plane rides, this one was particularly painful, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t find a comfortable position, the in-flight entertainment was not entertaining. Grateful to have a stiff tail wind on the way home, fastest I’d ever been on a Boeing 747, 1081 km/h, belting it across this vast land.

The holiday was a quick and at times, a hectic 3 weeks, South Africa has changed a lot, in some ways for the better and in some ways for the worse, some of the people are prospering, others are still struggling. Such a beautiful country, with so much promise, but as we know, it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It’s a different world altogether, living behind electric fencing and iron bars, familiarizing yourself with alarm codes and ‘panic button’ locations. Locking your doors and watching your back as you drive around, reminding oneself not to make any sudden or fast movements around nervous security personnel and police.

Good to see the blogging has been going thick and strong, no quarter for the leftists..

Tiberius, I finally got ‘Godless’, along with a lot of other reading material, so it’ll be a while, looking forward to it though. There was a minor incident at Singapore, a passenger didn’t turn up after check-in, and we had to wait while the airport staff helped themselves to his/her luggage, so thankfully I didn’t have to find alternate uses for the steel pen.

Since we could only get CNN and BBC, I didn’t keep up with much on the news front apart from hearing that new oil was discovered somewhere in the states and Tony Blair was being chastised for his spine by many from behind Jihadist skirts. I also read, in one of the local papers, about the growing chorus/whining for the Pope to apologize to Muslims for implying that Islam is a violent religion. How ironic that alongside this story was another about a dentist being tried in the UK for his part in an honor killing, guess what religion.

Was happy to see the Aussies giving it to the Indians, West and East, I feel sorry for the batsman who has to dig in as Brett Lee comes thundering down the field looking for scalps, damn he’s good and its good to be home.

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