Can we find a cliff?

An organization of 56 Islamic nations pressed Pope Benedict Tuesday to apologize for his comments linking Muslims and violence, keeping alive a two-week-old controversy. The group issued its statement a day after Pope Benedict assured diplomats from some 20 Muslim nations and the leaders of Italy's Muslim community that he respected them and was committed to dialogue.

It was the fourth time he had tried to make amends, without actually apologizing directly, for his Sept. 12 speech at a university in his native Germany.

Yeah what's up with the pope, Islam and violence, talk about a beat up... no wait, he may have a point.

A leading German opera house unleashed a furious debate over free speech Tuesday by pulling a production over fears it posed a security risk because of a scene featuring the severed heads of Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad.

Judging by the lack of violent reaction by Christians to Madonna's recent tour and my relaxed attitude when around Buddhists, I'd have to say the Germans are not worried about the Christians or the Buddhists.

Perhaps the Pope should, forward directions, to these lying rat bags, to a nearby cliff to do us all a favor.

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