The writing is on the wall

Against all good and expert advice, in terms of how long it was going to take them, the Iranians have now enriched their uranium to fuel grade. Will it be a decade before they get their nuclear weapons grade material? No, it will not. I suspect they’ll have that within the next year or two, that is assuming they don’t have it already (and this ‘enrichment’ charade is being used as a cover for precisely that). Coupled with that, they have now successfully adapted their Shehab medium-range missiles to carry nuclear warheads.

Given the documented insanity of the Iranian regime and its theocracy, the writing is on the wall.

To the people out there who believe that an Iranian nuclear capability will provide ‘balance’, let’s make one thing abundantly clear. The Iranian arsenal will be useless as a retaliatory second-strike weapon (and therefore as a deterrent to any US action). Why? Simple. They have no means of detecting inter-continental ballistic missile launches against them, and nor will they have. This means that any arsenal they develop can be destroyed while still on the ground or, with the limited warning they may get, just after launch.

Any nuclear weapons technology the Iranians develop will have only one purpose: a pre-emptive, first-strike capability. End of story.

Will this capability be denied them? No, it will not – we don’t have the will.

We now face two eventual outcomes:

  • The Iranians will try to play it ‘smart’, and soft target Western cities will be hit by land borne ‘suitcase’ nukes. This will give the Iranians plausible deniability, hopefully staying the hands of those who might retaliate.
  • The Iranians will go completely insane and declare all out war, striking the West as above, as well as using their ballistic missiles to ‘cleanse’ the ME by hitting Israel and all US military targets within range.
Here’s my prediction. The Iranians will get their bombs. There will be all out war in the Middle East. It will be thermonuclear. It will be instigated by Iran. It will envelope the globe. It will occur within our lifetimes.

And here’s my message to the loony Left advocates of an Iranian nuclear capability: you are not advocating balance in your support of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. You are advocating almost certain mass murder. In this conflict, Iran will probably be annihilated. Most of the Middle East will probably be destroyed with it (or by it). We will be horrifically damaged, possibly beyond repair. Hundreds of millions will certainly die.

So, to those who are arguing in favour of a softly softly approach, or worse, are advocating a nuclear capability for Iran, you very simply fall into one of two camps (both of which are insane): the blind or the duplicitous.

Which are you?


Well, we know where that dizzy twit Stott Despoiler and her gang of idiots stands:

The Australian Democrats said the development did not mean Iran had a weapons program.

The party urged the UN and the United States to take a more measured approach to diplomacy with Tehran than they did with Iraq.

"It is disturbing that America is now using exactly the same sort of hawkish dialogue against Iran that it used prior to invading Iraq on the pretext of non-existent weapons of mass destruction," Democrats foreign affairs spokeswoman Natasha Stott Despoja said.

“. . .on the pretext of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. . .’? Unlike bloody Iran, of course, with its known nuclear program, stated aims to obliterate Israel (and that includes the so-called moderates), and ballistic delivery system enhancements.

These people are fucking fools.

Tiberius – you’re right. They’re not blind. They actually want World War III.

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