Why the leftist media are liars and traitors:

This headline appeared in today's news.com:

Rumsfeld approved torture: report
From: Reuters
From correspondents in Washington

April 15, 2006

most people will simply skim the headline and "Rumsfield approved torture" would become accepted "truth".
Except that the body of the report says no such thing--merely an allegation by one person.

"In a report a Pentagon spokesman denounced as "fiction," Salon quoted a December 2005 Army inspector general's report in which officers told of Rumsfeld's direct contact with the general overseeing the interrogation at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."
"Salon cites Lt. Gen. Randall M. Schmidt, an Army investigator, as saying in a sworn statement to the inspector general that "The secretary of defence is personally involved in the interrogation of one person."

The "personal involvement"?
"Schmidt is quoted under oath as saying he concluded that Mr Rumsfeld did not specifically order the interrogation methods used on Mr Kahtani, but that Mr Rumsfeld's approval of broad policies permitted abuses to take place." (bold mine)

Well, under that sweeping definition of approval of "torture" perhaps the correspondents should have included the U.N. After all, it was a U.N. resolution that approved the invasion of Iraq.........

"Jeffrey Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman, dismissed the report's allegation that Mr Rumsfeld or the agency condoned abuse....
""Twelve major reviews, to include one done by an independent panel, all confirm the Department of defence did not have a policy that encouraged or condoned abuse. To suggest otherwise is simply false," he said."

It may be false, but since when has the MSM allowed facts to get in the way of a good America-bashing headline? In a more civilised era, these bastards would be swinging by the neck from the nearest lamp post.

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