U.S. Illegal immigration update

An interesting snippet about illegal Mexican immigrant workers from one of my Southern USA readers: "There is a lot of bleeding heart dialog about how "unfair" it is to pay "sub minumum wage" to Mexicans. Wage is about $5.50/hr. But in this Texas town (and elsewhere) the Mexican illegals get $ 8.00/hr. In fact, this is their "union" wage agreed by the underground. Anyone working for less would end up dead (sounds a lot like our Longshoremen). And one of these workers has a thousand acre ranch in Mexico. Not "the poor" as in the "image". American money buys a lot there".

A little-noticed consequence of a "guest-worker" program: "The inevitable drift toward Asian and Middle Eastern guest-workers would have important security implications. America has been fortunate to have a comparatively small Muslim population that is well-educated, prosperous, ethnically diverse, and geographically dispersed - all factors making radicalism and alienation less likely. But a new foreign-worker scheme could replicate Europe's experience, by importing large numbers of poor, uneducated, ghettoized Muslim peasants. And there would be little chance of thorough security screening, given the combination of administrative overload in our immigration agencies and intense pressure from employers to rubber-stamp their cheap labor".

Immigration doublespeak: "The parallel to the abortion debate is telling; both 'amnesty' and 'abortion' (not to mention 'acid!') are things people dislike, so their promoters have to invent new terminology. The National Abortion Rights Action League, for instance, is no more -- now it's 'NARAL Pro-Choice America,' fighting for 'reproductive rights' and 'women's health.' Like in the abortion debate, amnesty was called by its name in earlier, more naive phases of the debate. The legalization portions of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act were almost universally referred to as amnesty, by both supporters and opponents. But when it became clear what a debacle that amnesty was (it legalized nearly three million illegal aliens, sparking massive illegal immigration and distorting the development of agriculture and other industries), it became necessary to find a different word for the next amnesty."

Sowell on illegal immigration: "Activists who are organizing mass marches and demonstrations in cities across America may well be congratulating themselves on the huge numbers of people they can get to turn out to protest efforts in Congress to reduce illegal immigration. No doubt that will impress many in the media and intimidate many politicians. But how these marches will be seen by millions of other Americans is another question entirely. The Mexican flags and the strident assertions of a right to violate American laws are a danger signal to this society, as they would be to any society.... Both liberals and free-market libertarians often see this as an abstract issue about poor people being hindered from moving to jobs by an arbitrary border drawn across the southwest desert. Intellectuals' ability to think of people in the abstract is a dangerous talent in a world where people differ in all the ways that make them people. The cultures and surrounding circumstances of those people are crucial for understanding what they are likely to do and what the consequences are likely to be.... "

The Leftists are beginning to realize that all those Mexican flags were a goof: "The Stars and Stripes outnumbered Mexico's El Tricolor in Sacramento Monday as thousands of local demonstrators joined immigration protests nationwide. From tiny plastic flags no bigger than a postcard to giant cloth banners streaming in the breeze, more marchers carried the red, white and blue than Mexico's green, white and red. But many of the protesters proudly displayed both flags. In earlier demonstrations across the country, the widespread waving of the Mexican flag triggered barbed rebukes from commentators who questioned the allegiances of the marchers

If you have broadband, there is a video here with some very comprehensive shots of the Leftist immigration demonstrators and what they are advocating.


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