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The Religion that you Must not Argue Against

Islam, right? No. Homosexuality. A group of 20 to 30 students at Charles O. Dickerson High School in Trumansburg, New York, seem to have got tired of all the pro-homosexual preaching and "celebrated" the pro-homosexual "National Day of Silence" by wearing t-shirts to school bearing such OUTRAGEOUS slogans as "It's great to be straight". As a result, they were booted out of their school for a day. I wonder what happened to that pesky First Amendment? Though the idea that such "revolutionary" statements as "It's great to be straight" would need First Amendment protection rather boggles the mind. Details here.

And the action is really hotting up in California:

"The national debate over gay rights became a divisive force on Sacramento-area school campuses this week, as religious Christian students wore T-shirts expressing their disapproval of homosexuality as others participated in a Day of Silence to honor gay and lesbian peers.

Thirteen students at Oakmont High School in Roseville were suspended Tuesday when they refused to take off T-shirts that declared: "Homosexuality is sin." The students hired a lawyer who appealed 12 of the suspensions to the district Wednesday.

Other schools in the region have disciplined students in recent weeks for refusing to remove T-shirts condemning homosexuality. Two students at Mira Loma High School said they were sent home Wednesday, and one student was suspended this month at San Juan High School."


The slogan there -- "Homosexuality is a sin" -- would be most clearly protected under the freedom of religion provision of the First Amendment, one would think.

"Homosexual" Now a Forbidden Word in Britain

Britain's Lord Chancellor is a senior member of the British government with a still-significant legal role -- including an important role in selecting British judges. But the present incumbent:

"is facing accusations of political correctness after banning the word "homosexual" from official documents in his department. Lord Falconer has ordered for the word to be removed on the grounds that it "may be considered offensive"....

Other disallowed terms include immigrant, Asian, man and wife, mixed race, West Indian and asylum seeker....

A spokesman from Stonewall told the group has never said the term "homosexual" should never be used"


The Lord Chancellor has avoided the suggested replacement term (`lesbian, gay and bisexual') too. He offers special consideration to "people in those groups which are currently represented in relatively small numbers."

I guess I should apply for a job there. I'll bet there are not many Australians working as British judges -- so are not Australians a "group which is currently represented in relatively small numbers"? Favoritism for Australians! Hooray! It could be fun to wear one of those funny wigs.

It is easy to see why he has avoided the term "gay" however. I also consider myself to be gay. I am certainly not homosexual but I laugh and chuckle a lot. If any government started offering favoritism towards "gay" people, I'll bet there would be a lot of people who are as gay as I am claiming the special deal concerned.

Note that this current stupidity is NOT the work of homosexuals themselves. Stonewall is Britain's major homosexual organization and they have disowned reponsibility for it.

"Homosexual" is of course the neutral scientific term for what it describes -- a term which implies neither derogatory nor laudatory judgments. It is another usage of the common Greek prefix "homo", which means "the same as" or "similar to". There are several compound-words in the Greek original of the New Testament that use the prefix "homo". So "homosexual" simply means "attracted to the same sex". You cannot get more straightforward than that. But I guess that straightforwardness is not in vogue these days. Favoritism, not neutrality, is the order of the day.

And as for the idea that words like "Asian" should not be used.....


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