Reply to J.O.

James, I just read your comment in AWH tonight under "The writing is on the wall" and it set me thinking. (well, not exactly--I think about the problem of islam and the left constantly--it struck a nerve though.)

The Left is a hydra-headed monster. No matter how many times their religous hysteria is countered with facts, no matter how many times their rotten ideology is demonstrated to be unworkable, more idiots pop up and prattle on about all the failed and useless ideas they regard as Holy Writ. There's an endless supply of the useless, naive and just plain fucking evil enemies of what a reasonable person would regard as mere commonsense.
Europe is largely lost to the West. Britain also. There is no way on earth they'll be able to claw their way back to anything resembling functioning, democratic and free societies.
Australia is hanging on by the skin of her teeth--a change of government would certainly see the left cave in to the islamists, bit by bit. And we can't hope to keep the likes of Howard in power forever.
New Zealand is a bad joke, socialist in all but name.

Which leaves America. "the last, best hope for mankind" is sliding towards an accommodation with islam, deeply entwined with Saudi Arabia and unable (thanks to rotten left academics and a traitorous, lying media) to summon enough pride in it's own heritage to guard the borders effectively. Special interests that demand cheap labour will neuter any attempts to prevent a Mexican takeover of the border states and the media will effectively brainwash a complacent population, hooked on the colour of Britneys knickers and the brand of sheets Oprah Winfrey favours.
The Republic won't'll swirl gently down the plughole while good men and women rage helplessy.

There's no refuge because no country has the institutions and the principles to keep itself immune from this disease. There's simply nowhere to flee to.
Perhaps the days and the dreams of liberty are over for the human race--perhaps it was after all no more than a failed experiment, ignited by the Greeks so long ago and destined to blossom and then be snuffed out by the totalitarian and herd instincts and indifference of great masses of people.
So my hope is this--that Europe and later America will dissolve into civil war. That way at least, some of us may be able to carve out a state where we can fight for a principled existence and perhaps in time, given enough of us who love and value freedom, we will become the tide that sweeps down on the soft and failed states, to defeat and colonise them. Not in our lifetime, but in the long run of history that doesn't matter.

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