More evidence..

That we are heading down the crapper..

Here we have Iran merrily developing nukes, they state they wish to wipe Israel off the world map, the Hamas led Palestinian government also wishes the same world map without Israel on it. Yesterday a Palestinian (no prizes for guessing what religion he is) acts in 'self-defense' and blows up women and children. Should such groups with such common interests, be allowed within reach of a nuclear weapon?

Should we be worried, no no oh no, don't listen to those war mongerers, they are just blood-thirsty fools, the jihadists in Iran are merely picking posies, we just need to talk to them, waffle a bit, negotiate, dialogue, hand holding etc. The country openly threatening a second holocaust is not the one to be criticised, its the mean country that's opposing it that is at fault.
Republican senator Richard Lugar has urged the Bush administration to change its Iran strategy, saying the US must talk directly to Tehran about its nuclear ambitions instead of pushing for economic sanctions.

Senator Lugar said Iran, as the world's fourth-largest supplier of oil, was "part of the energy picture" and urged President George W. Bush to play "cool" and seek direct negotiations.

He said it was too soon to be pressing the international community for economic sanctions against Iran, a strategy being strongly urged by the US ambassador at the UN, John Bolton, and, more recently, by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Its too soon, why are we being so aggressive, dialogue dammit dialogue.
Last month the UN Security Council gave Iran 30 days to shut down its uranium enrichment activities and to comply with all orders of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

But Iran has defied the overtures, leaving the Security Council no option but to discuss sanctions once the 30-day deadline expires on April 28.
By the time Lugar and his cronies get round to figuring out their strategies, presentations and complex graphs, the Iranians will be holding the nuclear 'blade' to all our throats.

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