McCarthy, Wilson/Plame and the Kerry campaign

Cold fury delivers one of the better 'new orifice deliveries' I’ve read in a hell of a long time. An excerpt:

Personally, I think it’s high time the real America went a little Old Testament on these treasonous curs. They’ve usurped our government and made it into their own little playground, immune to the censure or will of the voters, and now they’re going to attempt to lie their way out of it and cover up the stench of what’s really afoot here like a cat in a sandbox. We can’t let that happen.

The liberal infestation has gotten so virulent as to make it virtually impossible even to effectively wage war to eliminate serious threats to America and the free world — threats that, in an irony that would be hilarious were it not so macabre, stand in direct opposition to everything these treacherous swine claim to hold dear.

Cry to Heaven, folks: the liberal alliance has gotten caught but good this time. And the Democrats, the MSM, and the Left generally are all in the dock. Their slimy little undeclared cabal stands accused of damaging national security to advance a partisan political agenda, of putting Party before Country, and of undermining not only the war but our Constitutional system of government itself. In their boundless presumption, they’ve assumed a sort of extra-legal Divine Right of Kings for themselves, a right to circumvent our elected leaders for their own ends.
Read the rest (including the comments). This may well turn out to be bigger than Watergate, given the leaking of information that threatened US National Security is at issue here. That it also potentially threatened us all is a given.

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