Islamic Caliphate

I heard a recording this morning on radio 2GB, of Usman Badar talking in the Sydney Bankstown Mosque on 9th April. I don't have any links or transcripts, but it has already started hitting the news bulletins, so you don't have to take my word for it.

From what I heard from his speech, there will be a clash of civilisations, Islam is not compatible with democracy, can't live peacefully with westerners, political Islam, Muslims cannot be loyal to the state, only Allah, new world order, one day all will be united under Islam, blah blah blah, Islamic state. All easily dismissed until you have a brain explosion and realise, the same things have been uttered by JI in Indonesia, Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Wahhabists, the Iranians and other extremists all over the globe.

Nothing about sharia though, probably left out, as it may complicate things with the moderates, that's ok, we can always beat the living day lights out of them when the time is right.

Brace yourselves for the usual waffling from the chicken livered apologists, oh it was taken out of context, misunderstood, racist Australia, shame Howard, wretched shock jocks, free the refugees... sorry I'm getting carried away... didn't mean what he said, Islam is peace, don't demonize, appease, all are equal.

All ring a bit hollow, when the sharia caliphate is weaseling its way into the Nuclear club.

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