Insane in the brain

Is it something in the polluted water? Perhaps the lack of ozone has fried their brains. Could it be the amount of toxins and chemicals being fed into the food chain? Maybe the US really IS sending mind-control beams from orbiting satellites to repress the populace. Whatever it is, there are some amongst us who appear to be having public synaptic melt-downs. Richard Neville, he of the wandering and ridiculous argument, displays his rapidly decaying mental faculties for all to see at his site.

"On October 29, 2004, The Lancet published its findings of casualty rates in Iraq: 100,000 deaths, “and more”. Eighty-four percent of the deaths were caused by the actions of Coalition forces, and most of the victims were women and children. The lead author of the Lancet report, Les Roberts, has elsewhere concluded there could be double this number of civilian deaths. An Iraqi humanitarian group released a report last July, counting 128,000 violent deaths and specified that it included only deaths confirmed by relatives, omitting the large numbers of people who have simply disappeared without trace amid the ongoing bloodletting.

Why are these shocking statistics ignored in the West? Is it from a sense of shame, or from a fear of further inflaming the public distaste for our meddling? Journalists who keep citing the discredited figure of 34,000 are engaging in propaganda"

Richard Neville would never engage in propoganda. Never.

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