Greens lead attack

Well, that's good enough for me, whatever these insidious socialists are opposing, it must be a good idea and deserving of our support.
A plan to check English fluency and Australian values as part of a citizenship test for prospective immigrants has been blasted by politicians and ethnic groups. Greens senator Kerry Nettle led the attack today, saying not all native Australians were fluent in English, and not all ministers epitomised Australian values.

Andrew Robb, the parliamentary secretary to Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, last night said he would consider the introduction of a compulsory citizenship test for prospective immigrants. The test would be on the English language and Australia's values, customs, laws and history, he said.

But Senator Nettle said: "A fluent grasp of English is not a prerequisite of being Australian. "Has Mr Robb forgotten that many Indigenous Australians do not speak fluent English? Is he suggesting that they are less Australian?
See, another case of mouth opening, words spluttering forth, brain engaging thereafter. No Kerry, he is talking about prospective immigrants ie. the ones coming into the country, from outside the country.
She said if Mr Robb really wanted to help immigrants learn English he would be proposing language assistance. "Mr Robb claims this move would be part of a response to the threat of global terrorism, but denying some Australian residents citizenship on the grounds that they do not agree with values defined by the Government will not build harmony."
That's right so we divide them all up into enclaves and let em fester, and when they blow some of us to smithereens or riot and pillage, that will induce warm and fuzzy feelings in all of us.
Language assistance, offcourse at taxpayers expense obviously, something these socialists are always hunkering to get their hands on.

Anyone see the distributions coming out from local councils, they are printed in 6 or 7 different languages, one can only imagine how much money could be saved by dropping all this nonsense, think about that all you 'cash strapped' home owners forgoing dinner to cough up for council rates.
The Australian Democrats said..
Wait, scratch that, who cares what the democrats have to say.

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