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We're focussing on the wrong enemy in any case. Radical islam would have absolutely no chance of destroying the West without the enemy within--which is academics, the media and schoolteachers. Between them they've managed to largely destroy those values and beliefs that made the West strong. That would have made the behaviour and claims of a thuggish and primitive ideology the object of derision instead of something that's entitled to "respect".
Multiculturalism is the perfect tool for totalitarians. It's the anaesthetic that paralyses Western will to resist while the media willingly spread its filthy influence.

At the core of the collapse is the ability of the Left to frame the terms of the debate. To control the language is to control (or stifle) the debate and they're doing just that very successfully. Generations of kids have been raised on postmodern crap, consumerism and an obsession with "ME". The old concepts of duty and integrity and honour are all but dead and Britney's singing at the funeral. The colour of the latest i-Pod is more important than any "theoretical" debate about liberty.
Because--of course--the ability of the young to think critically, to honour anything more abstract than their own gratification and the lifestyles of Hollywood airheads has been systematically destroyed. The world they live in is fine by them because they're totally unaware that a better one is possible and urgently necessary.

The true villains in the downfall ofthe West will continue to live quite comfortably in an islamified West. Because they're totally without shame, without pride in their heritage and without the guiding principles that would enable them to identify and resist the true totalitarian evil that is islam. They will be the new dhimmi apparatchiks, serving their new masters as directed.
Not for them the nightmare of liberties lost, because they never understood or valued liberty in any case.
Not for them the shame of living as slaves, because to them slavery will be comfort and tenure and hollow self-aggrandisement.
Like all of their kind, they'll cling to a worldview and an estimation of themselves that will have nothing whatsoever to do with the truth of their real status, just as they do right now.
They'll explain away the stoning of women, the hanging of homosexuals, the murder of schoolchildren with their usual apologetic snivelling before the altar of multiculturalism until those atrocities become the fault of the victims while they abase themselves before their new masters. Cowardice has a million excuses, after all. They're well-practised in it.
If we are to have the slimmest of chances to destroy radical islam, we must first destroy the enemy within. Which is why I will never "engage in reasoned dialogue" with the Left.
May all of them rot in hell first.

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