End the Occupation

The illegal war must stop, call in the war crimes tribunals, the Hague, we must march to Geneva, something was agreed to there, years ago.

End the occupation, bring the imperialist leader to justice, war criminal, butcher, he lied they are dying, organise the protests, into the streets, let the revolution begin, the placards, the chants..

That should be enough to get all the sleeping leftists attention, sounds like I'm talking about America and Israel, doesn't it. But its got nothing to do with either, which probably explains why it was missed/ignored by most on the lefty MSM, but it hasn't escaped the hawk eyes of JF Beck.
A Chadian rebel leader has alleged that French fighter planes have bombed several rebel-held towns in eastern Chad, causing an unknown number of civilian casualties.

France -- which has 1,200 troops present in the country... [I will now omit some important facts, Moore-style, just to stir trouble]

"We have just learned that since this morning, in eastern Chad, French army aircraft have been carrying out a military intervention," the representative in France for the United Front for Change (FUC), former Chadian foreign minister Laona Gong, told AFP Thursday.

"We deplore the numerous civilian victims of the French bombings in the towns of Adre and Moudeina", he said... [again I will purposely omit words, in the interests of shafting France]

Gong charged that France "is not remaining neutral" and accused it of lending "blind" support to the regime of President Idriss Deby Itno.
I'm with Gong on this, Chirac should be impeached, tried convicted and shot (not necessarily in that order). The French military should be pulled out of Chad, the occupation of Chad must end, the people must be free to fight and plunder. Further more, new tax laws must be enacted in France forcing the population to contribute an additional percentage towards the reconstruction of Chad and to meet any future claims of victimisation by the people of Chad.

This shouldn't be a problem as the French are already funding lazy youth and other rioting bludgers* in their country, forever tainted by this new shameful atrocity.

Australian term for loser, though I prefer societal parasite.

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