Chicken Livered

We in the west often demand the moderates in Islam to stand up to the intolerant among them, but I wonder if we have any right to. Amidst the treacherous left, the extremists, the neo cons, the fence sitters etc. it is only the extremist that doesn't change his message, Islamic world order, sharia, death to infidel ... simple, unwavering.

But we on the other hand.. oh no, we just can't help ourselves, we carry a big stick but refuse to use it. We had Al Gore, apologizing to Saudis, then former President Clinton 'progressing' up the robes of the Iranian mullahs.
“Iran today is, in a sense, the only country where progressive ideas enjoy a vast constituency. It is there that the ideas that I subscribe to are defended by a majority.”
Oh yes, anyone remember how those Budda statues 'progressed' into history in Afghanistan. Does President Clinton know how the Iranians are desperate to 'progess' Israel into history, perhaps he would like to inquire on the 'progress' of rape victims sentenced to death by 'progressive' courts in Iran.

Now we have British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, looking for ways to aid Hamas, it simply beggars belief. Hamas is a terrorist organisation, happy to kill and maim civilians, the more the merrier as far as they are concerned, countries in the West rightly decided to freeze aid to Hamas controlled Palestine, until Hamas changes its ways and (I know this will be hard for them), decides to stop killing and maiming innocent civilians. No such undertaking has come from Hamas, instead they have gone elsewhere for their funding, but don't let that stop the chicken livered from running to Hamas to grovel.
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni appealed to the 25 EU ambassadors in Israel on Thursday to stay firm in their stand against dealing with Hamas until the organization recognizes Israel, forswears terrorism and accepts previously signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

Her comments came on the day The Daily Telegraph reported that British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, on a visit to Riyadh, said that Britain wanted to have "normal relations" with Hamas and was looking for ways to unfreeze millions of pounds worth of aid to the Palestinians.

"Hamas now leads the government and we would like to have normal relations with them as we have had with previous governments," he said in Riyadh. "This requires movement by them as well as by us."
Oh somebody give Straw a hand to stand, he seems to have forgotten his spine at home, or better yet give him some room to spread his large chicken wings. He wants to move this way and that way, whatever suits you Mr jihadist, no no don't move yet, let me move for you, before you concede anything, let me show you what I can concede.

You would think Jack Straw was dipping into his own funds to finance his movements and progressive ways, but who cares, its only the British tax payers, the suckers. No matter that Hamas has already received the money from elsewhere, that will just cover the essentials, food and clothing, salaries etc, we must cover other luxuries too, rockets, suicide belts, bombs, you never know when you need a good rocket these days.

Small wonder the moderates (if there are any left) are staying well clear of the extremists, they never know when we'll hang em out to dry in the wind.

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