AWB Saga Rocks the Nation

Downer to face oil-for-food inquiry

Vaile: why I did nothing on AWB

I was snowed under: Vaile ... grilling ... Howard could soon face the same ordeal.

Vaile points finger at Alexander Downer

Heat on PM as Vaile sees no evil. The PM faces intense questioning at the Cole inquiry after Mark Vaile repeatedly failed to explain his actions.

Conspiracy, kickbacks, the buck stops here, whistle blower, treachery, the rodent, he knew, he lied, free refugees, blood, oil, troops out, impeach impeach impeach ... whoops wrong country.

As I posted yesterday, the AWB saga is not on the radar of the Australian public, nobody cares. I listen to talk back almost all day, the most I have heard on talk back from members of the public is, why is Labor pursuing this? Hours and hours spent by the Howard haters, acres of trees felled to print this story, desperate to sling mud and make an issue out of this, a story that nobody cares about.

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