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Illegals in the country seem to have a soft life, here they are languishing in Australia, free room and board, health care, all the attention and the tab picked up by the suckers going to work and back every day. When their health is in danger, from the threat of asbestos and our government is taking steps to ensure these illegals, cannot sue the pants off the already burdened taxpayer later in their lives, do they cooperate?
The last detainees inside Villawood detention centre have reluctantly agreed to be moved out today, after being assured they would not be permanently sent to other camps.

This morning a group of five detainees was unhappy after being shown their alternative accommodation at Holsworthy army base, because they felt cut off from their normal support networks of friends and family at Villawood.

The relocation is taking place because asbestos in areas of the Villawood site, believed to be located on undeveloped land near Miowera Road on the western side of the facility, is thought to be a danger to protesters and police.
Get that Australia, the illegals are unhappy with their conditions, yes our foreign masters are unhappy, perhaps you bludgers need to put in some extra hours, come on you lot work a bit more, give up some more tax dollars, you need to subsidize some additional luxuries for these most important of queue jumpers, what is the world coming to when law breakers are not comfortable.

Alternatively if the conditions are so bad, perhaps the illegals can leave this country. I would have thought they are lucky to have been bussed out to a different location. I would have had no problems putting the lot into chain gangs and marching them to the new location, anyone wanting to cry and whinge about human rights, can join em. On the plus side all the protestors and other time-wasters arriving to waste everyone's time at Villawood will be protesting about nothing to nobody.

While we are on the subject of troublemakers and professional parasites.
Students who staged a sit-in at one of Sydney's busiest intersections as part of a national protest against the government's higher education policy have been arrested.
I just heard one of the protesters whingeing on the radio about, how intimidated she was, by the police that swooped on them, apparently she burst into tears!!
Ooohhh boo hoo, somebody please hold her hand and chant a peace song, the poor baby, those mean coppers with their mean dogs and their mean horses can you believe how mean they can be.
Several demonstrators were arrested after a group of about 50 students sat down in the middle of the intersection at Railway Square, near Central Station and refused to move. They won the right to demonstrate after the NSW Supreme Court yesterday rejected a police application to prevent the rally going ahead.
I heard a reporter on the radio earlier, apparently an ambulance was trying to get through the intersection and these parasites refused to move out of its way.

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