Decision to grant Katie Hopkins a visa referred to human rights watchdog

<i>The description "Far Right" is often carelessly used.  In the case of Hopkins, it mainly seems to refer to her swingeing criticisms of Muslim immigration, Africans and fat people. While such criticiisms are politically incorrect they nonetheless seem widely shared among people, particularly in private.  So her offence seems principally to be that she is a prominent person who is outspoken -- a rare thing in the entertainment industry.  She has taken part in many British TV programs so is well-known in Britain

Her inadvertent use of the term "final solution" is always held against her because the Nazis used it but she was clearly  NOT advocating genocide.  Does the fact that the Nazis once used a term make it forbidden for ever after?  Hitler used the German words "Reich" and "Volk" quite centrally in his messages.  Does that forever stain those words?  It would seem not -- as the old East German Communist regime used those terms prominently (Reichsbahn; Volkseigenebetrieb).</i>

A decision to grant a visa to far-right commentator Katie Hopkins is reportedly under investigation by the nation’s human right watchdog.

The Australian Human Rights Commision this week agreed to investigate the decision following a complaint from the Australian Muslim Advocacy Network, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

In its complaint, an AMAN spokerson alleged Ms Hopkins views were given more weight than the human rights of other Australians.

“It can be reasonably inferred from this statement that Ms Hopkins’ freedom of expression, and those who would agree with her in Australia, was given more weight than the human rights of Australians who would be adversely affected by vilification,” they said.

The British provocateur was last year granted a visa to appear in Seven‘s Big Brother VIP, arriving in the country while Sydney was in the midst of their second wave.

She was also granted a travel exemption to enter the country, prompting fury of many Australians stuck abroad.

But after bragging about reckless behaviour throughout her stint in hotel quarantine, Ms Hopkins’ visa was cancelled.

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