Greenie hatred of garbage costs Britain heaps

Everything must be recyled according to Greenies.  And in their typically authoritarian way, they have tried to FORCE people to comply -- by limiting the amount of household garbage that the local authority will collect.  So what are people supposed to do with the uncollected garbage?  Their only legal option is to pay extra to have some private operator to collect it. And what he does with it nobody asks. And what do the poor do?  They take it to some rural spot and dump it by the side of the road -- "fly tipping".  So instead of orderly waste disposal you have garbage littered around the landscape -- that has to be picked up eventually anyway, at considerable cost

Fly-tipping and other waste crimes have risen to record levels, costing the country £600 million a year, because of a loophole that allows criminals to set up as licensed rubbish collectors.

The number of people and organisations registered to carry waste has more than doubled in the past decade to 185,000 and few checks are carried out on those involved, research shows. The loophole was exposed when the study’s authors registered a dead dog as a waste carrier and the Environment Agency issued a licence immediately without any identity checks.

Anyone can obtain a licence to transport waste and then advertise a collection service by spending a few minutes filling in an online form and paying £234 to the Environment Agency.


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