Britain's diesel disaster

During the Blair regime in Britain, diesels were "discovered" by Greenies.  They were said to put out less CO2 than other cars.  So under Greenie influence the Blair government put in place various incentives to cause people to buy diesel-powered cars. So there are now around 10 million diesel-powered cars on British roads.

That was from the beginning bizarre.  Who has not driven behind a diesel vehicle and observed it pumping black clouds of particulate matter into the environment from its tailpipe?  Even under the high temperatures of a diesel engine, diesel fuel just does not combust as thoroughly as conventional fuel.  Clever engineering can reduce the problem but not eliminate it. But such was the CO2 paranoia of the Greenies that they were prepared to tolerate particulate pollution as long as CO2 emissions were reduced.

But gradually air pollution in London began to increase. And it is quite bad by now. And there is no doubt that diesel engines made a substantial contribution to that.  So official policy has done a 180 degree turn.  Diesel cars are now anathema. But what to do about those 10 million diesels that Britons had been induced to buy by previous governments?  They could not be banned outright as it would enrage 10 million drivers -- who vote.

So the main policy initiative so far is to ban diesel cars from London unless the driver pays a hefty fee for access to its hallowed streets.  That too provokes outrage but Brits are used to being slugged for all sorts of taxes and charges by the powers that be so we are seeing only the first rumbles of discontent so far.  The charges are however set to increase gradually, with people who take government advice being badly hit.

It's all just another example of how destructive Greenie policies generally are.

There is a big article on the subject here which relates the horror in all its details.

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