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I really hate it when a large organization gives you a phone no. only to contact them.  It often means waiting on "hold" for half an hour or more before you get through.  Why not supply an email address?  Beats me! But it is very common.

GoDaddy tried that caper with me but my patience soon ran out.  So I sent them a nicely printed letter by snail mail.  I sent it to their Texas HQ as they had carefully hidden their Australian geographical address.

The letter was never answered.  Here it is:

I am one of your Australian customers -- 121058135.  I am writing to you in Texas because I can find no other address for you and I have long given up waiting on the line to your phone helpline.

I have received an email from you informing me that you intend to debit my account $131 for one year of internet access.  I forbid you to do that.  I did not sign up for that.

When I signed up, I made a single payment covering both a domain name and internet access.  So when I received a bill for $42 a few weeks ago, I assumed that I was again making a single comprehensive payment.  That was not so apparently.  I now gather that the bill was only for domain name support.  The amount seemed passable at the time so I paid it.

I believe that you should accept that payment to cover internet access as well.  You will get no other money from me.

I am dissatisfied with your deceptive marketing tactics and am thinking of writing to the Australian regulators about them

But thanks to the ANZ bank, I got my money back. I told them it was an unauthorized debit and they clawed the money back off GoDaddy. FU GoDaddy!

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