Some Warmist hate mail

Steven Craig Jones wants to save the planet.  He has a site that says so here:

So how does he deal with skeptics?  He sent Marc Morano the following message:

"you are dead wrong on climate change.  it is the number one international security issue on planet earth in 2016. you climate deniers need to be put in prison"

He's all charm, isn't he?  He makes no attempt to dispute any point ever made by any skeptic and makes no attempt to present any fact. Since he believes in anti-gravity that is perhaps just as well.  All he can resort to is Stalinism:  Imprison your opponents. A dismal soul, indeed. He is completely dogmatic, with a completely closed mind.  It might not be good to see him coming towards you on a dark night if you disagree with him.

The fantasy of being able to save the planet must generate such a warm glow inside.  No wonder he hates any threat to that.  How awful to find that you are in fact completely irrelevant and that your crusade has been a complete waste of time!  The poor dupe.

His email is

UPDATE:  A reader has a message for Mr. Jones:

Mr. Jones
Your religion has no God unless you think that the Egyptian god Ra is your deity. Your Hell is a temperature that will not go up, a sea level that only changes with the tides, a storm that never develops, ice that will not melt, a prediction that never comes true and sinners that will not join your cause to be saved.
You know that unless there is a sudden upward shift in temperatures, that massive storms become a way of life, that poles become consistently ice free,  polar bears become extinct,  Greenland turns green again, models become predictors of real events...........your religion has no choice but to conduct a mid evil  inquisition and crucify the non believers.  You also have to know that all of the signs are now pointing to a coming cooing period and that there will be no legislation for at least another 8 years or so that will bail you out. Your religion is doomed. Your deity never existed. Your name will be erased from the books and your history will only be recorded in joke books. You can be thankful that there is no Hell for your false prophecies.
Check out the new religion................Another Little Ice Age..........that only an increase in CO2 can save us from.  We must burn more coal, shut down nuclear, wind, solar and green construction. We must reincarnate the extinct polar bear and penguins from the DNA bank.  Ban DDT, Round Up, Honey Bees and stop farmers from growing efficient CO2 hungry plants.  We need to run the air conditioners even in winter and leave the windows open to waste heat. Back to big cars and gas guzzlers. Out with electric lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners that don't suck.  Wash dishes with hot water again and enjoy a luxury bath for your wife and take one yourself as well. 
Insure your place in Heaven by giving a warm coat to a non believer.
Try not to think about having present day sinners locked up for when they are freed they may exercise the same bad judgement against you. A cold jail cell may be even more painful than a hot one.

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