Must not quote Hitler

I have received from W. Lindsay Wheeler an account of his experiences with a site called Wikinfo which is run by Fred Bauder, who is Jewish. Lindsay is (or was) an assistant editor with the site.

As you can see here, Lindsay puts up a direct quote from Hitler which claims that democracy leads to authoritarianism.

That is probably one of the few things that Hitler got right.  The tremendous reach of government into all our lives today is pretty much on a par with what Hitler and Mussolini achieved.  Even the hostility to Jews is steadily growing in the Western world.  And as for failed wars, we have some of those too.  And when the President of the United States ignores the U.S. constitution, as Obama does over immigration etc., where does it stop?

But such thoughts must not be thought.  Lindsay thinks them and claims that "mixed government" (i.e. a mixture of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy) rather than democracy is the best.  But quoting Hitler to support his beliefs was beyond the pale to Fuehrer Bauder.  He sent the following to Wheeler:

"Adolf Hitler as a young man watching the Social Democracy marches in Vienna. (Mein Kampf, pg 78. Manheim translation, Mariner paperback)

is not acceptable on Wikinfo. Wikinfo is not value free. Democracy can only be suppressed in the modern world by mass murder. You are banned permanently. All articles you have published here will be removed, as resources permit." Fred Bauder

Any guesses that Bauder is a Leftist?  Censorship is a knee-jerk reaction to them.  Perhaps Wikinfo should be renamed Wikipropaganda

For those who are unaware of it  Fuehrer  is the German word for "leader"

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