Labor party politician distances himself from the Labor party

Even he admits that after all the lies, the Labor party brand stinks. Gillard promised no carbon tax and Qld. Premier Anna Bligh promised no sale of State assets. Both broke their promises. Who could now believe anything they say?

The Brisbane city council covers a huge area so is the biggest municipal prize in Australia. Brisbane apparently has a bigger budget than Tasmania

LABOR'S big hope for wresting Brisbane's City Hall from the LNP has asked voters to judge him on his policies and not by the "challenged brand" he represents.

The ALP has only seven seats in State Parliament, down from 51, after an election thumping by the LNP last month. Speculation is rife that voters are not done with punishing the party just yet.

Labor lord mayoral candidate Ray Smith acknowledges he and his team are fighting an uphill battle for votes at the April 28 council poll.

But Mr Smith said he believed voters would look to local issues when deciding who they want to run the city. "Seventeen months ago, when I quit my job as CEO of my own business ... to run for the lord mayoralty, the (Labor) brand was challenged then," Mr Smith said. "Seventeen months later, the brand is just as challenged, if not more.

"What I have always hoped for after 17 months and what I hope for even more now is that the people of Brisbane will judge me on my merits, they'll judge my policies on their merits and they will judge the team on their merits. If they do that we are a very good chance."

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has also asked voters to judge him on his record and policies and has highlighted his good relationship with Premier Campbell Newman.

But he would not speculate yesterday on what impact the state election would have on the LNP's chances of retaining or increasing its majority on a local level.

"I will be putting out there a very positive plan and vision for our city and then people can judge that on April 28," Cr Quirk said.

Labor holds 10 Brisbane City Council wards and just three with a margin of more than 4 per cent Morningside, Wynnum Manly and Deagon.

These wards are within electorates traditionally held by Labor on a state level, but which fell to the LNP on March 24. The party's most marginal wards include Central, Doboy, Karawatha, Northgate and The Gabba ward, which is within former premier Anna Bligh's electorate of South Brisbane.

The Gabba councillor Helen Abrahams faces going into an election where her constituents have to number their third ballot paper in a month following the resignation of Ms Bligh.

The LNP holds only two of its 15 wards by a margin of less than 4 per cent Enoggera and Jamboree.


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