Criticism of homosexuality not allowed in Canada

I gather that it's election time in Ontario soon. The ruling Ontario Liberal party of Dalton McGuinty has in place a policy of preaching homosexuality and assorted weirdness to kids at school -- in the guise of "anti-homophobia". You can read an actual school manual about that here, though it's so long-winded that few people probably bother.

A Christian group put out the advertisement above and had it printed in the "National Post" but the Left howled so loudly that the paper apologized for running the ad and refused to run it again

So much for tolerance, free speech and open debate in Canada. Some points of view just must not be expressed.

The real problem of course is that a majority of Ontario residents probably dislike the sexual free-for-all being promoted to kids there and that might get the Liberal government tossed out. So they must not be reminded about what their government does in its schools

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