Anti-Semitic Incidents In Calif. Jump 8 Percent; Highest In US

Why is this only local news? If blacks were being attacked it would be in the papers coast to coast. One guess: Most of the perpetrators are Muslims and we must not speak ill of them

The state of California is leading a national surge in anti-Semitic attacks and other incidents.

KNX 1070?s Pete Demetriou reports the increase in reported the number of assaults, vandalism and other threats soared by about 8 percent - the first such rise since 2004.

Over 1,200 incidents were reported in 2010, with 297 in California and nearly half of those in Los Angeles, Kern, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

Among the most disturbing aspects of the jump is that more are occurring in areas with predominantly younger populations and with teens taking part in a significant part of the actions.

With 1 of every 5 hate crime incidents in L.A. County being labeled as anti-Semitic, officials are taking a closer look at the data - especially since the threats are happening in diverse neighborhood


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