This guy sounds dangerously rational

He says that almost all CO2 output is caused by uncontrollable natural processes rather than human doings.

If he knows what's good for him he will still manage to say something in support of Warmism but I can't see how his heart would be in it. Synopsis of a talk just given at the Sydney institute below. A video is due to be online some time soon

Background: Professor Murry Salby holds the Climate Chair at Macquarie University and has had a lengthy career as a world-recognised researcher and academic in the field of Atmospheric Physics. Professor Salby is the author of Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics, and Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate due out in 2011.

Atmospheric Science, Climate Change and Carbon – Some Facts

PROFESSOR MURRY SALBY, Chair of Climate, Macquarie University, Australia

Carbon dioxide is emitted by human activities as well as a host of natural processes. The satellite record, in concert with instrumental observations, is now long enough to have collected a population of climate perturbations, wherein the Earth-atmosphere system was disturbed from equilibrium. Introduced naturally, those perturbations reveal that net global emission of CO2 (combined from all sources, human and natural) is controlled by properties of the general circulation – properties internal to the climate system that regulate emission from natural sources. The strong dependence on internal properties indicates that emission of CO2 from natural sources, which accounts for 96 per cent of its overall emission, plays a major role in observed changes of CO2. Independent of human emission, this contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide is only marginally predictable and not controllable.


NB: Channel 648 (Foxtel) will be showing Murry Salby’s talk at 3pm this afternoon and 7pm this evening.

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