Warmist cuts off interview when science is raised

His only stock of wisdom was "ad hominem" accusations -- playing the man and not the ball in the usual Warmist way

ABC radio presenter Adam Spencer has been told to "shut up" and stop being childish during a heated on-air exchange with climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton.

In what was more a debate than an interview, Spencer hung up on his guest before calling back to resume the interview.

The tension began when Spencer asked Lord Monckton about his claims that he is a Nobel Laureate. Lord Monckton said he was given a pin by a US professor who felt he deserved one for his work and he sometimes wore it as a joke.

"That's what we on the centre right would call a joke, it's something you on the left and the ABC might not perhaps fully understand."

Spencer replied by saying he wasn't on the left or the right or in the centre. "I'm trying to establish your credentials ... because there seems to be a consistent pattern, sir, when you speak publicly and analyse climate science," he said.

"It's my understanding you've never held any academic position at any university or any research institute attached to any science connected with climate science." Spencer then pursued Lord Monckton about alleged misrepresentations in his work.

Lord Monckton replied, "You say you're not taking a position, it's clearly a position which is deliberately hostile, you're entitled to do that, it's what the ABC is infamous for on this debate."

Spencer said he was simply putting out questions. "I apologise if you're detecting hostility."

Then after several minutes of arguing about his work, Lord Monckton said Spencer had been unable to raise a single scientific point on which he was wrong.

The interview was then terminated by Spencer


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  1. Monckton responded to two of Adams Spencer's specific questions concerning Greenland research and critics of his Congressional testimony. Regarding Adam's question of CO2 in the Cambrian era, Monckton tried to finish his answer, but Adam did not want to hear it and abruptly finished the interview, saying "that's not going anywhere". Where did you intend the interview to go, Adam? Perhaps concerned that Monckton was so easily swatting his bouncers away, Adam threw down his cricket ball and went home. The question remains: Adam Spencer declared twice that he was impartial. Why then did he hang up?


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